This Eco-friendly, community oriented-lodge is ideally situated less than 6km from Oshakati in the north of Namibia and a mere 2km away from the village settlement of Uukwangula. It aims to blend the comforts of modern life with the culture and traditions of a village lifestyle. Ntunda Lodge offers B&B accommodation, a restaurant, conference venue, beer garden (bar), African lounge (Otshoto), swimming pool, Wi-Fi and camping facilities. The guests are able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city , relaxing in one of inspiring green gardens while being served by friendly staff. There is an endless open view of the surrounding landscape encapsulating traditional homesteads, a unique experience, enjoyed nowhere else. The aim of the lodge is to preserve and nurture the cultural tourism experience in the northern part of our beautiful country so as to keep the village's heritage alive.
The ideal location of a natural stream of the Ntunda River on the East, the Lutshetshete Pan on the south and Oshana sha Mlimbalimba on the south-west make Ntunda Lodge a golden island in its own right.
The lodge is open to both overnight and day visitors.

Ntunda Lodge the Cultural Hub of Namibia...

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